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Tips for your photo shoot…

Think about this a moment: more people will see this portrait than ANY OTHER PHOTOGRAPH you will ever take! Yes! Even more than will see your wedding photographs!

What do you want your senior pictures to say about you? Something fun, witty, stylish, or classic??
Remember, in 20 years, you’re going to look at these pictures with your own kids.
What do you want THEM to say about you?


You’ll want to wear your make-up a tad heavier than normal. Bring along extra powder, a brush, and mascara. Wearing more mascara than normal will really bring out your eyes and allow them to ‘POP’. Make sure your mascara is clean with no clumps.
Don’t be afraid to pull your hair back during your session, It’ll give you an entirely different look.
Please make sure you are clean shaven. Stubble retouching takes time and never looks as good as a close shave.
We retouch blemishes at no extra charge, so don’t fret about a minor breakout!
Don’t try new hairstyles right before your session
Be sure you cover up tan lines – they WILL show. Avoid tanning or sun burning right before your session.


Ironing. You’ll want to make sure everything’s nice and pressed before your session. Wrinkles will show and we can’t do much about that.
Bring lots of looks! You may have up to 3 wardrobe changes so the more outfits you bring with you, the more pictures you’re going to see and the more choices you’ll have.
Don’t just bring a couple of shirts and a pair of jeans. Shake it up a bit.
Avoid stripes and plaids! Solids photograph much better! Bring a variety of colors and avoid clothing with words (except for the school’s logo). Choose something classic (for the parents), bring something fun and trendy (all about you), and be adventurous (bring a prom dress). Vary the style, you don’t want all your pictures looking the same. As a rule, light colors do best on light backgrounds, dark colors on dark backgrounds.
Make sure your clothes flatter you. Be careful with baggy clothes, they may not flatter you the best. Make sure the outfit is school appropriate.
Keep in mind that if you bring in light or white clothing, they can become see-through due to the lights.
Bring a variety of colors; don’t bring all blue outfits even if it is your favorite color. Change up the style as all one look (like tanks) gets boring. Plan all your outfits completely because we will take photos that are close-up, full length, and in between.
A dress suit with a tie has been the standard for years and we still recommend it. If you want to wear only a dress shirt and tie, wear a colored shirt. White shirts look best under a jacket.
Outdoor Portraits
If you are going to wear a dress or skirt, be mindful of the wind. Wearing a dress or skirt could also restrict your movements and poses depending on the style.
Certain colors look best for different seasons outdoors.
Spring and summer – sky blue, khaki, pale green, pink, watermelon, dark peach.
Fall – Red, gold, deep orange, emerald green, and dark green.


Nails DO show, so make sure they look nice. If they are chipping off or some funky color, they will show. Many of your casual portraits are done barefoot, so the same applies to toes. Light or natural color works best.


Don’t forget to bring along jewelry, rings, necklaces, changes of shoes, hair accessories, etc.!!! Keep it simple to keep the attention on YOU. We don’t want attention drawn to bright and shiny jewelry.


Let’s face it – glasses glare. If possible, remove the lenses before you get here. Some optometrists will loan you an empty pair of frames similar to yours. Check with them and tell them they are for your senior pictures, most will understand.


Bring props that tell us who you are. Popular choices are: sports equipment, instruments, and hobby related items.
Below are some examples.
Letterman Jacket, basketball, baseball bat, guitar, instruments, trophies/medals you’ve won, and knitting needles.
You can bring anything. Anything that you enjoy, love, makes you happy, is important to you, something you are interested in, you aspire to be, or you use in your daily life. The options are endless. But please make sure you are allowed to bring them into school.


A friend or parent is good as long as they are not a distraction. You can have a few photos taken with a boyfriend or girlfriend, best friend, or sibling at no extra cost if you would like.